2022-2023 New Student Enrollment

2022-2023 For enquiries about new student enrollment, please contact us in mid-September, phone number is 2981 2223, or please download the form from the link below:


Education Bureau’s Admission Arrangement of Kindergarten (K1) Students

Arrangements for admission application of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children are as follows:

When interviewing NCS children, interpretation and/or translation service will be provided for applicants where necessary; or parents and children are allowed to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/ friend to facilitate communication 

For further enquiries, please contact the following telephone number and email address:
Tel. No.: 2981 2223
Email address: kamkong1@netvigator.com

Policy Support from Education Bureau


Support to non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children:

- Before admission, ad hoc teachers will contact parents to understand the various life habits of their child/children.
- A diversified and abundant Chinese language learning environment will be established.
- Understanding of different races will be included as a teaching content in the curriculum; and an inclusive campus environment will be established to foster integration of students.