School Profile

This kindergarten is a non-profit kindergarten sponsored by the Church of Christ in China Cheung Chau Church. It was founded in 1960 and added a child care centre in August 2005. The school has a long history and rich experience in running a school.

School History

In the late 1950s, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, Cheung Chau Church built two classrooms at the current site and opened Kam Kong Kindergarten. With an objective to spread the word of God and serve the community of Cheung Chau, we aim to nurture children in the way they should go. As the government expanded Cheung Chau and built public housing estates, and the population increased, the demand for kindergarten places also increased. The original classrooms were no longer sufficient. Therefore, the School Management Committee planned to expand the school in the early 1988 to meet the needs. The new school building was completed in 1990 and has been in use today. Teachers design thematic teaching activities every school year. In addition to thematic teaching, the school also emphasizes the cultivation of students' physical, social, emotional development and Christian Belief. In order to strengthen the connection between parents, the church and the Parent-Teacher Association established in 2003 have organized parent-child activities, lectures and outdoor activities, which were actively participated. Since 2002, morning assemblies have been held. The theme has been negotiated by the school and the church to strengthen the spiritual development of students. In the same year, Mandarin and foreign teachers have also been employed to teach Putonghua and English, so that students have a deeper grasp of biliteracy and trilingualism. This arouses students’ interest in learning.