Association Constitution

Constitution of the Church of Christ in China Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Kindergarten’s Parent-Teacher Association (Date of Amendment: 26th June, 2009)

Name of the association : The association is named as “the Church of Christ in China Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Kindergarten’s Parent-Teacher Association”

Address of the association : 14 School Road, Cheung Chau, New Territories, Hong Kong


  • Strengthen the connection and cooperation between parents and the school.
  • Provide advice to the school and assist the school in improving the quality of education.
  • Discuss matters of common concern and help children grow up healthily and maintain parental relationships.



  • All parents or guardians of students studying in this school will automatically become members.
  • Current principal, teachers and church representatives.
  • Parents or guardians of alumni of this school can apply for membership.

Rights and obligations

  • Each member has the right to vote, be elected, to vote in the conference, and to participate in all activities organized by the association.
  • All members are obliged to attend the general meetings and special general meetings, and abide by the rules of the constitution and comply with the obligations decided by the meetings. Members should pay the membership fee when joining the Association.


  • Each family is a member (regardless of how many children in the family are studying in the school), and the member must pay the membership fees set by the General Meeting after receiving the notice from the treasurers.
  • The treasurers must report on the financial status of the Association at the end of each fiscal year.
  • The Executive Committee has the right to raise funds from members and approve the use of the funds of the Association for ministry in line with the purpose of the Association.
  • The Executive Committee has the authority to accept legal and appropriate donations from members and the public on behalf of the Association, but each donation must not conflict with Article 9 of the ""Prevention of Bribery Ordinance"".
  • The deposits of the Association must be deposited into a bank account approved by the Executive Committee, and the cheques issued must be signed by two of them, including the chairman or vice-chairman or treasurer. Also, the two signers must include one parent and one teacher to make the cheques valid.


The association is composed of a general meeting and an executive committee. The general meeting is composed of all parent members, teacher members and church representatives, and is the highest authority of the association. During the adjournment of the general meeting, all the affairs will be handled by the Executive Committee.

The general meeting is held by the Executive Committee once a year, to deal with the following matters

  • Approval of the Chairman’s report
  • Approval of the financial report of the treasurers
  • Election of members of the current Executive Committee
  • Election of members of the current Executive Committee

Special membership meetings can be held when necessary.

The quorum for the general meeting is 20.

Executive Committee

  • It is composed of 13 representatives, including 8 parents, 3 representatives of teachers, the principal and the head teacher. Except for the principal and head teacher, the term of members is 2 years and can be re-elected once.
  • Teacher members are elected by teachers. Parent members are elected by secret ballot in each annual general meeting. The 8 parents with the highest votes will be the committee members.
  • The Executive Committee meetings are held three times a year, and temporary meetings can be held if necessary.


  • Chairman (one person) : served by a parent committee, responsible for all internal and external affairs, and preside over the general meeting
  • Vice-Chairman (one person): served by the current principal of the school, responsible for assisting the chairman in carrying out all conference affairs and taking the chair in the absence of the Chairman from a meeting
  • Secretary (one person): assist the chairman to prepare the meeting agenda, write meeting minutes and handle internal and external documents
  • Treasurer (two persons): served by one parent and one teacher member, responsible for managing all financial affairs of the association
  • Recreation (two persons) : responsible for all networking and planning activities of the Association
  • Liaison (two persons) : responsible for all liaison and communication matters inside and outside the association
  • Welfare (two persons) : assist and care for families in need
  • Committee member (two persons): assist in handling the affairs of the Association
  • Consultants : the school supervisor and managers are ex officio consultants 


  • The Association Constitution is effective after the first general meeting. Any amendment must be passed at the annual general meeting or special general meeting. The association has gone through the registration procedures with relevant government departments.
  • In case of the dissolution of the Association, the relevant decision must be approved by a two-thirds majority of members attending the annual general meeting or the special general meeting before dissolution.
  • After dissolution, all remaining assets must be donated to “the Church of Christ in China Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Kindergarten”.